In a world where cars can be ordered and food can be delivered, all from our individual smartphones, why are we still waiting for slow elevators? 

Elevate will revolutionize the elevator experience for building residents. In dorms, apartments, and corporate offices, many floors often mean longer wait times for elevators during peak hours. Building managers and residents will be able to benefit from the efficiency and data that the app provides.

The average person wastes over 12,000 hours over the course of their lifetime waiting for elevators. Elevate will eliminate 100% of wait time for app users.

There are 6,222,080,408 buildings in the world.
There are 900,000 elevators in the United States.

Elevate hopes to begin implementation in university dorm buildings, where demand is high for more efficient elevator systems. From there, we will expand into apartments, hotels, and office buildings. Elevate will initially be most effective in buildings with the same users frequenting the elevators, but eventually, we hope to make it easy enough for users no matter how often they are in the building.